CS Music Vocal Competition
Cash Prizes, Written Feedback, and Scored Evaluation

Sing in the annual CS Music Vocal Competition and attend the CS Music Convention. Qualify for the national Convention by singing in a local First Round or by submitting an Online Application. Divisions include High School, University, and Emerging Professionals for Classical and Musical Theatre singers. The Finals are held at the CS Music Convention in Chicago, May 23-26, 2019.

Deadline May 23, 2019

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Online Recruiting Review

Get Feedback, Get Recruited!
Submit a Recruiting Profile that includes a video-recorded audition or performance. CS Music will have your online profile reviewed and scored by at least 3 CS Music judges consisting of university faculty and industry professionals. Your certified Recruiting Profile will then be sent to our entire list of more than 5,500 university faculty, admissions officers, and college recruiters.

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April 3 & 4

The Panel Auditions NYC

Two days of Auditions at the Opera American Center

Audition in front of 19+ Opera Houses, Theatre Companies, Management Groups, and Agencies. Singers get a guaranteed 10-minute time slot and are guaranteed to sing in front of at least 5 panelists. Each singer receives written feedback and a video-recording of their audition.

Deadline April 1

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Audition Feedback Review by Darin Adams

Get Reviewed by Broadway Vocal Coach Darin Adams.
Broadway Coach and Appcompanist Founder Darin Adams has worked with literally hundreds of Broadway singers and he will give you a detailed review and analysis of your audition.

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