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The Singer’s Library : Vocalize and Exercise

Find more flexibility, freedom from excessive tension, and increased physical strength in a new book written by a Classical Singer columnist.

The Music Major Minute : Waking Up to Warming Up

Let’s be honest, most university vocal majors have warm-ups on the bottom of their lengthy to-do list. Working them back into a practice routine, however, is an important element in vocal success.

The Expansive Career of Baritone Rolando Panerai

Read about the influences and inspirations of a singer whose career span has included sharing the stage with Maria Callas to a Gianni Schicchi performance in 2011.


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How to Lose the Desperation and Find Your Power

Did anyone ever say, “I’ll give you a banana if you sing this for me. I’ll give you two bananas if you sing it on roller skates. I’ll give you

Freelance Singer’s Survival Guide : Filtering Feedback

We’ve all been there… The conflicting information and comments. The confusing or unsolicited advice. Let’s take a brief look two common scenarios, and ways you can filter through all the

Gearing Up For Your Next Competition

Become more empowered and mentally tough in competitive situations by following these tips.

Where I Last Got Paid to Sing : Soprano Kelsea Webb Has Her Cake and Eats It Too

Scheduling flexibility, greater performance training, and earning income are benefits found in the heart of production as a chorister.

The Fabulously Fit Singer: Yoga

Take a closer look at yoga and the benefits vocalists experience by accessing the core and pelvic floor.

Need Energy to Sing? Counting Calories vs. Quality Food

For decades, common nutritional advice told us, “a calorie is simply a calorie.” We were told that to maintain a healthy weight, we must simply be active enough to burn

Establishing Your Competition Rep

There are many questions surrounding the selection of competition repertoire. What do the judges expect? How do you determine song order? Are obscure works appropriate? Find answers to these questions and others here.

Sonya Yoncheva: An Artist Who Dares

Sonya Yoncheva is not afraid of taking risks. At the beginning of her career, she prepared a role unknown to her in only three days and repeated this practice with many other opera houses. She is also vocal in challenging the social traditions that exist in the opera world to create change for the next generation of opera singers. Read her thoughts on bridging the generational gap in opera, the value of family as a performing artist, and on being true to herself.